A team of independent graphic designers, who started working together 17 years ago, formed the nucleus of the firm.

As their number of clients increased, and the tasks became larger and more complex, in order to maximize capacity they decided to formally establish a company together. In order to meet the new challenges they hired new colleagues, copywriters and client service managers with strategic thinking experience. The larger capacity broadened the team’s potentials, and consequently the studio has been operating as an efficient and successful agency since 2002.


We strongly believe that we are fast and effective because every member of our small team – including the owners – takes part in the work.

Information reaches the client in its original and full form if the creators present a strategic concept or the creative material themselves. We are committed to work with our clients as a team, since we believe that the key to create powerful and successful advertising lays in the mutual understanding of each other’s goals and objectives. We believe that besides sheer talent, standards of education and professional continuing education are also a must in order to meet new challenges for new assignments. We keep our eyes open, pay attention to the newest trends, technological solutions. We find that our efforts will only be successful if the products / services we work on become successful themselves. That is why every image and communication is created and executed with this goal in mind at all times.


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High-level professional knowledge

Boost has experts with appropriate professional knowledge, education and experience. Every design work is the outcome of detailed and effective team-work with brainstorming in center which helps the creators to inspire each other.

Conceptual thinking

It is our belief that conceptual thinking leads to more impactful solutions which may result in reaching or even exceeding the target at a larger extent. Moreover, they can endorse and influence future concepts too.

Direct account management

We believe that delivering ideas to clients are the most effective – and also cost effective – when they are presented in whole by the creator and not through middlemen. According to our experience our clients do insist on this idea too. Therefore, presentations are made by the creators themselves and not by account managers.


It is characteristic of all our team members that they are never satisfied with their present knowledge, and they continuously search new solutions appearing in parallel with the latest technological developments. Our contracting partners handle optimalized production to support us in this all the time.

Cost effective

Because the optimized operational system utilizes an ideal amount of workforce. In case of larger assignments Boost’s professionals are supported by affiliate partners but you only pay for their actual assigment.